In my early twenties, I had a major emotional breakdown in college. I had moved out of state for college, and I was dealing with the stresses of living on my own. I was not able to deal with so many changes that came with it. From the outside, it seemed I had it all together, but I was struggling in silence. I remember going to the health center and the Dr. notifying me my blood pressure was out of the roof because I was holding on to stress and negative energy that no longer was serving me. To top it off I was suffering from bulimia in silence, and that trickled down to every aspect of my life. I had so much anxiety and self-doubt that was crippling my self-confidence and the desire to succeed in life. My health was bad, and my body had clearly sent me signals before letting me know that something was off and I did not listen until I had this emotional nervous breakdown.

Lucky for me I was able to find people who guided, mentored and provided support. I looked for tools and that moment I realized that I had been neglecting, not loving myself and not addressing the real issues that had led me down the path I was on. The biggest lesson I gained from this experience was that I had control over my life. My desire to help others stemmed from this challenging experience that could have turned for the worse, but I am lucky to have been able to reach out for help.

Since then, I graduated from the University of New-Mexico, lived abroad in Paris and happily married the love of my life.

In return, I would love to help and make a difference in each one of your lives.

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